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Healing Your Soul

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Are you suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction or trauma?  Just like you, two billion people on the planet are suffering from these curable conditions.

If modern drugs and therapy worked, then the people of this world would be healthier; they're not.

With the help of the Bwiti tradition, including the Iboga root, you will heal your soul, and move into your best self.

Start the journey today!

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Retreat Dates 2024

May 24-30

June 7-13

June 21-27

July 12-18

July 25-31

August 9-15

Luxury retreats offered in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Oregon and Texas

Luxury retreats include:  airport pick up and drop off, luxury private room, fresh meals and beverages, two traditional Bwiti fire talk ceremonies including Gabonese Iboga, spiritual shower, natural integration outing, and lifetime counseling

Home: About Me

What is Bwiti?

Bwiti is not a religion. It is a tradition; a spiritual path of self-discovery. Bwiti is simply the study of life itself, and through...

Life's Value

To the Bwiti, life holds the greatest value. Truly the simple and prosaic nature of their teachings are evident in this concept; for...

Who is Moughenda?

A 10th-generation Bwiti shaman, Moughenda was born and raised in Gabon, and received his direct shamanic instruction from his...

How It Works

Together, the Bwiti teachings, and Iboga medicine can guide and assist those who seek healing. The Bwiti wisdom is a crucial part of...

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