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Who is Moughenda?

A 10th-generation Bwiti shaman, Moughenda was born and raised in Gabon, and received his direct shamanic instruction from his grandfather, the village shaman. Living the Bwiti life, Moughenda was shown, by Iboga, that one of his greatest contributions to life would be sharing the Bwiti tradition and the Iboga medicine with the rest of the world. With this understanding, and having no English or Western skills, Moughenda embarked on a journey to the United States where he guided people from addiction to health. He extended his travels to other regions of the world, and established the first Iboga healing center in Costa Rica, where a small cadre of students took on the responsibilities of spreading the Bwiti tradition. Returning to Africa, Moughenda has provided for his village, and tirelessly works for the health of others. He conducts regular ceremonies, initiates foreigners into the shamanic tradition, conducts rights-of-passage, and trains a small, select group of students to become Iboga providers.

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